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Hey! So glad you’re here!

Most days you can find me watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, curled up with my two dogs and fiancé while editing beautiful wedding and newborn photos! I love a chocolatey hot chocolate with those yummy little marshmallows 🤤😍

I’m mostly known for saying weird things and being kind of dog obsessed!

People often refer to me as bubbly, passionate, ambitious and determined! I’m also a pretty great hype-woman if you have something you really want to get excited about!

Some things I’m most passionate about in life are: animals, nature and all things love!

When I’m not busy, you can catch me four-wheeling in the woods with my fiancé, Jon. Shopping online for things I’ll never buy, and playing in the lake with my dogs.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, check out the about me page linked at the top! <3











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